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Do You Need to Replace Carpets After Water Damage?

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Sewage Back-up

This sewage back up was due to a clogged drain. After the plumber fixed the clog, SERVPRO of Ozaukee County, came out to inspect all areas of the basement to ma... READ MORE

Why choose SERVPRO of Ozaukee County for mold remediation?

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Our Floormat Drying System Saved these Hardwood Floors

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We can handle any size water remediation job

Heavy rains during storm season can cause lots of issues if your house doesn't drain properly. If your gutters aren't clean, or if you have roof damage, all it... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Bathroom

This customer had a candle lit in the bathroom underneath a wood cabinet. The wood cabinet caught fire and this caused smoke damage throughout the basement lev... READ MORE

Garage Fire

A piece of equipment in an Ozaukee County garage caught fire causing soot and fire damage throughout the garage. SERVPRO of Ozaukee County was called out to cle... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning in Restaurant

Commercial cleaning is just one of the services SERVPRO of Ozaukee County offers. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled cleaning or a grand re-opening clean... READ MORE

Commercial Sewage Back-up - Who to Call

Call SERVPRO of Ozaukee County! Our crew is highly trained in water/sewage damage removal and restoration. No matter how big or small your sewage loss is, our S... READ MORE

Storm Damage

Not only can storms cause flooding and damage, but after it dries a new problem can arise. When wood and dry wall aren't completely dried, mold can grow and sp... READ MORE